Flyindance's Prince of Tennis Tv Review

Rated: 8

Each characters has their own tennis techniques.Some of these techniques is real.Even tennis profesional use them. Here are some of the techniques of the characters. Echizen Ryoma - Twist Serve, Drive B, Tornado Smash, One Foot Spilt Step, Drive A, Momoshiro Takeshi - Dunk Smash, Jacknife, Kaidoh Kaoru - Snake ( Buggy Whip Shot ), Boomerang Snake, Oishi Syuichiroh - Moon Volley, Kikumaru Eiji - Acrobatic Play, Inui Sadaharu - Data Tennis, Fuji Syusuke - Swallow Return, Tezuka Kunimitsu - Tezuka Zone, Kawamura Takashi - Burning Serve, Pentium Wave Ball. Wave Ball, Fuji Yuuta( Fuji Syusuke's brother ) - Super Rising, Twin Spin Shot, Ibu Shinji - Kick Serve, Spot, Kirihara Akaya - Knuckle Serve and many more.

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